Ethiopia, Pakistan to hold business forum

In order to promote bilateral trade by bringing together the business communities of the two nations, the Ethiopian embassy and the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) have decided to conduct the “Ethiopia-Pakistan Business Forum” in Karachi during the second week of May.

The choice was decided on Thursday after a meeting between TDAP CEO Zubair Motiwala and Ethiopian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Jemal Beker Abdula.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Abdula predicted that the forum would not only assist the business communities of the two nations in developing a comprehensive plan for boosting bilateral commerce but also help them forge solid relationships.

He emphasised that the summit will give the business community a chance to promote trade, investment, and commercial prospects in many sectors of Ethiopia and Pakistan.

Ethiopian Airlines will begin operating flights from Karachi to Addis Abeba and vice versa on May 9 in order to connect Pakistan with not only Ethiopia but also with all of Africa, according to an Ethiopian envoy who spoke with the chairman of TDAP.

The chief executive of TDAP also indicated a significant interest in organising the business forum, which he regarded as essential for fostering commercial and inter-national connections.